1025Connect is Long Island’s premier network-neutral Carrier Hotel located at 1025 Old Country Road in Westbury, New York.

1025Connect is renowned for its ability to connect subsea systems to terrestrial networks with the optional ability to bypass Manhattan for greater network diversity.

1025Connect provides colocation solutions that enable network interconnections through its highly-secure Long Island data center. Network operators of all types within 1025Connect benefit from direct access to Manhattan Bypass fiber routes, multiple transatlantic and Latin American submarine cable systems and multiple enterprise networks — all without monthly recurring cross-connect fees.

1025Connect has introduced the Continental Edge, the easternmost direct interconnection point between Europe and the United States, with the partnership among 1025Connect (for colocation), Aqua Comms (transatlantic subsea connectivity), DE-CIX (the leading Internet Peering Exchange) and Epsilon (a global network service provider providing on-demand SDN connectivity solutions).

1025Connect has established itself as a hub for domestic and global data transport due to the unique networking attributes of Long Island, which feature extensive submarine cable systems and a variety of Manhattan bypass fiber routes.

Submarine cable systems in 1025Connect

Manhattan Bypass Fiber Routes

360 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains, NY

Cross Sound Cable System
New Haven, CT

Hollywood, FL and British Virgin Islands

NJFX, Wall, New Jersey

1025Connect Connectivity, Source: 1025Connect