Carcavelos Cable Landing Station (Carcavelos CLS) is a major submarine cable landing station in Lisbon region, operated by MEO, a subsidiary of Altice Portugal (formerly Portugal Telecom).

Altice Portugal is the largest telecommunications service provider in Portugal, being a wholly owned subsidiary of the France-based Altice Europe since June, 2015. 

BUGIO, Columbus-Ill Azores-Portugal, Continente-Madeira, Africa Coast to Europe (ACE), and 2Africa subsea cables land at the Carcavelos CLS.

Vodafone is the landing party in Portugal for the 2Africa cable system, landed at the Carcavelos CLS in March 2024.

Altice Portugal and Medusa Submarine Cable System have signed contract to land the Medusa cable at the Carcavelos CLS.

The Olisipo submarine cable connecting Sines to Lisbon will land at the Carcavelos CLS


Station Name:

  • Carcavelos Cable Landing Station, or Carcavelos CLS


Station Location:

  • Carcavelos, Portugal


Station Owners:

  • MEO, Altice Portugal (formerly Portugal Telecom))


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • Altice Portugal


Cable Systems:


BUGIO: a 73km submarine cable connecting the Sesimbra CLS and the Carcavelos CLS, ready for service in 1996.

Columbus-Ill Azores-Portugal: Columbus-III is a 9833km transatlantic submarine cable, landing in 1) Hollywood, Florida, United States; 2) Ponta Delgada, Azores Islands, Portugal; 3) Carcavelos e Parede, Portugal; 4) Conil de la Frontera, Spain; 5) Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, Italy. Columbus-III was originally designed with 8*2.5 Gbps DWDM over two fiber pairs, entered service in December 1999 and decommissioned in December 2020. Columbus-Ill Azores-Portugal is the remaining portion of the Columbus-III.

Continente-Madeira: is a 1179km domestic submarine cable connecting the continent with Funchal, Madeira Island, owned and operated by Altice Portugal, ready for service in 2000.