Marseille is now the most hot cable landing site in France, with 16 submarine cables landing or confirmed to land in Marseille.

In 2019, the Port of Marseille-Fos constructed new subsea cable landing infrastructure which provides a reliable and convenient plug & play interface for subsea cables coming from all over the world to the Marseille area. The port delivers the first phase of the dedicated infrastructure which can land up to six cables, a one-stop shop system within the French administration for permitting process to facilitate applications, and secure facilities tailored to accommodate the Power Feed Equipment of subsea cables, while the Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) can be installed flexibly at other cable landing stations or carrier neutral data centers.


Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing
Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing "Plug", Source: Port of Marseille Fos 
Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing Structure
Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing "Plug", Source: Port of Marseille Fos 


InterXion Marseille data centers including MRS1, MRS2 and MRS3 are popular carrier neutral data centers and colocations to house SLTEs of submarine cable systems. AAE-1 and SMW5 terminate at MRS1, PEACE has confirmed to terminate at MRS2.

There are other cable landing stations in Marseille area, including Orange's cable landing station in Bonneveine (IMEWE), Verizon's data center and cable landing station in Saint-Mauront (SMW4) and Bauxite (EIG), etc. 


Submarine Cables Landing in Marseille: