VNPT Vung Tau Cable Landing Station locates in Vung Tau which is a resort town in the province of Dong Nai, approximately 125 Km from Saigon. The TVH (Thailand-Vietnam-Hong Kong), TGN-IA and the AAG (Asia-America Gateway) cable systems land at the Vung Tau Cable Landing Station (Vung Tau CLS).


About TVH

TVH (Thailand-Vietnam-Hong Kong) is a 3,367 km submarine cable connecting Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong, with design capacity of 565 Mbit/s. The TVH cable system was ready for service on 8 February 1996. 

There are two cable landing sites in Vietnam, and six in-service submarine cable systems connecting Vietnam.

VNPT and Viettel are the dominant international submarine cable operators in Vietnam. Viettel has invested in AAG, TGN-IA, APG and AAE-1, and hosts the cable landing station in Vietnam for AAE-1 with its US$50 million investment in the AAE-1 cable project.