Etisalat Fujairah Cable Landing Station is located at Eid Mussalla Rd - Fujairah - United Arab Emirates, also known as Etisalat SmartHub Fujairah Data Center.

Etisalat SmartHub Fujairah serves as both cable landing station and carrier-neutral data center, serves both regional and international customers through a state-of-the-art carrier grade hubbing facility and data center.

Etisalat is the leading provider in the UAE with diverse and robust infrastructure including international terrestrial connectivity and submarine, connecting all the data centers in the country.

The UAE,specifically Fujairah, is ranked as the biggest location for landing submarine cables in the Middle East. 

Etisalat SmartHub Fujairah is a uniquely data center campus in the Middle East, with a 22,000 square foot white-space-area purpose-built carrier-neutral data center. it toasts the only colocation campus in the Middle East supported by several route-independent carriers that offer direct access to multiple independent subsea cable systems, interconnecting the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa, offering connectivity to a populous of over 2 billion people with a latency of just 30 milliseconds to help businesses capitalise on the capital.

Etisalat Connectivity Map
Etisalat Connectivity Map, Source: Etisalat
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Station Name:

  • Etisalat Fujairah Cable Landing Station, or Etisalat Fujairah CLS
  • Etisalat SmartHub Fujairah Data Center


Station Location:

  • PO BOX 14, Eid Mussalla Rd - Fujairah - United Arab Emirates


Station Owners:

  • Etisalat


Available Connectivity Providers:

  • Etisalat, du, etc 


Cable Systems:


For more information about Etisalat SmartHub Fujairah Data Center, please visit here.