Etisalat’s SmartHub Dubai Data Center is located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, the UAE, being one of the three SmartHub data centers owned and operated by Etisalat, together with SmartHub Fujairah and SmartHub Kalba.

Renowned for its most diversified Business Hub, and strategically located in the middle of emerging markets that have some of the highest growth rates globally – Dubai combines all features of a modern metropolis with a timeless sensibility.

Etisalat’s SmartHub Dubai Data Center has expanded its footprint by introducing a new largescale Tier III data center in Dubai (Jebel Ali) located in a strategic place that touches many business points. It is built in the vicinity of Etisalat’s largest satellite station offering seamless future technologies whilst its campus facility is designed with a holistic view of business requirements adapting to provide mission-critical services.

Dubai Data Center has been designed to maximise energy efficiency through various green initiatives and aims to create a state-of-the-art facility that delivers good quality, efficient layout functions with elegant modern design.

The new data center vicinity hosts strategic multiple international submarine and terrestrial cables that empowers businesses to quickly adapt and leverage the digital eco-system to create new value and growth.

Along with other facilities, Etisalat’s SmartHub Dubai Data Center features on power supply and network connectivity. 

Generator capacity

  • Total capacity: 2000 kVA x 8 numbers
  • Configuration: 8 numbers = 4 + 4 (3N+1)

Fuel storage

  • Day tank - 1100 gallons for each generator
  • Bulk tank – 36,500 litres x 6 no.
  • Fuel storage to run generators: Up to 24 hours

Network Meet Me Room

  • Fully diversified cabling into data center
  • Cables entry into building: 2
  • Fibre cable infrastructure
  • Fully redundant network setup
  • Two MMR in the building

Carrier Neutral facility

  • Multiple and diverse fiber feeds
  • Meshed Internet connectivity
  • Diverse and high-capacity fiber infrastructure
  • Adaptable cross connect of standard media types
  • Connectivity to satellite teleport
  • Access to submarine and beach manhole in same complex

Etisalat is the leading provider in the UAE with diverse and robust infrastructure including international terrestrial connectivity and submarine, connecting all the data centers in the country.

Etisalat Connectivity Map
Etisalat Connectivity Map, Source: Etisalat
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