Ngwe Saung Cable Landing Station (Ngwe Saung CLS) is located at Ngwe Saung, Myanmar, as the cable landing station for the AAE-1 cable system. 

The Ngwe Saung CLS is built solely invested by China Unicom, and shared with Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). 

China Unicom is the landing party in Myanmar for the AAE-1 cable system. MPT is the landing party in Myanmar for the SMW5 and SMW3 cable systems. MPT also extends its SMW5 to the Ngwe Saung CLS. 

China Unicom also partners with MPT to build the 1500km China-Myanmar International (CMI) terrestrial cable system from the Ngwe Saung CLS northwards to Muse in the Myanmar-China border (connecting Ruili in China). The CMI terrestrial cable system is wholly invested by China Unicom in a closed partnership with MPT, spanning 1500 km, with 24 fiber pairs, hooking up Ruili in China and Ngwe Saung CLS in Myanmar, running across Mandalay, Naypyidaw and Yangon in Myanmar. China Unicom and MPT each owns 12 fiber pairs on the CMI terrestrial cable system.

Through the CMI terrestrial cable system, China Unicom extends its capacity on the AAE-1 cable system from the Ngwe Saung CLS in Myanmar to China.


Station Name:

  • Ngwe Saung Cable Landing Station, or Ngwe Saung CLS


Station Location:

  • Ngwe Saung, Myanmar


Station Owner:

  • China Unicom, MPT


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • China Unicom, MPT


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