NTT PC1 Shima Cable Landing Station (PC1 Shima CLS) is located at 68 Fukoaka, Agocho Koka, Shima Mie 517-0505, Japan (34° 19' 36.93" N 136° 52' 29.87" E). The NTT PC1 Shima CLS houses PC-1 south and west cables, EAC cable and JUNO.

Shima is an important city for submarine networks, as multiple submarine cable systems landing in Shima.

KDDI's Shima CLS houses Japan-US CN south and west cables, C2C and SJC2.

NTT‘s another CLS in Shima houses AJCAPG and JUPITER cable systems.  


Station Name:

  • Shima Cable Landing Station, or Shima CLS
  • 志摩海底ケーブル陸揚局


Station Location:

  • 68, Agocho Koka, Shima, Mie 517-0505, Japan
  • 68, 阿児町甲賀 志摩市 三重県 517-0505


Station Owners:

  • NTT (PC Landing)


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • NTT


Cable Systems:


Cable Landing Stations in Shima
Cable Landing Stations in Shima