NTT's Shima Cable Landing Station (Shima CLS) is located at 4 Agochō Anori, Shima, Mie 517-0507, Japan (34°21.333' N, 136°53.581'E). NTT's Shima CLS houses AJC, APG and JUPITER cable system. 

Shima is an important city for submarine networks, as multiple submarine cable systems landing in Shima.

KDDI's Shima CLS houses Japan-US CN south and west cables, C2C and SJC2.

PC Landing (acquired NTT) Shima CLS houses PC-1 south and west cables and EAC cable.

NTT Shima CLS houses AJCAPG and JUPITER cable systems.  NTT is the landing party in the Shima CLS for Jupiter, while Softbank is the landing party in the Maruyama CLS for Jupiter. NTT also builds a new Minamiboso Cable Landing Station near the Maruyama CLS, where houses Jupiter and JGA North.


Station Name:

Shima Cable Landing Station, or Shima CLS


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Cable Landing Stations in Shima
Cable Landing Stations in Shima