China Data Center Report

Shima Cable Landing Station (Shima CLS) locates in Shima, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Shima is an important city for submarine networks, as multiple submarine cable systems landing in Shima, including Japan-US CN and PC-1 trans-pacific cable systems, C2C and EAC intra-Asia cable systems and AJC Australia-Japan Cable system, and the latest JUPITER cable system.

In fact, there are three cable landing stations in Shima. The Japan-US CN south and west cables and  C2C cable land in the same station owned by KDDI. The PC-1 south and west cables and EAC cable land at the same station owned by Pacnet and Pacific Crossing. The AJC and JUPITER land at another station owned by NTT.

{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='34.322629'|lon='136.87935'|zoom='12'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='1'|mapType='Map'|showMaptype='1'|overview='1'|text='Shima Cable Landing Station'|tooltip='Shima Cable Landing Station'|marker='1'| align='center'|lang=''}

Station Name:

Shima Cable Landing Station, or Shima CLS

Station Owners:

KDDI, NTT, PCL/ Pacnet (each owns or shares a station)

Available Backhaul Providers:

KDDI, NTT, Marubeni Access(GAL), Pacnet

Cable Systems: