KDDI's Shima Cable Landing Station (Shima CLS) is located at 2330-1 Koka, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie, 517-0507 Japan (34.322629N, 136.87935E). The Shima CLS houses Japan-US CN south and west cables, C2CFASTER and SJC2 cable systems

There are three cable landing stations in Shima. The Japan-US CN south and west cables, C2CFASTER and SJC2 cable systems land at the same station owned by KDDI. The AJC, APG and JUPITER land at NTT Shima CLS. The PC-1 south and west cables and C2C cable land at PC1 Shima CLS which has been acquired by NTT.


Station Name:

  • Shima Cable Landing Station, or Shima CLS
  • KDDI志摩海底線中継所


Station Location:

  • 2330-1 Koka, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie, 517-0507 Japan (34.322629N, 136.87935E)
  • 〒517-0505 三重県志摩市阿児町甲賀


Station Owners:

  • KDDI


Available Backhaul Providers:



Cable Systems:


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