Maruyama Cable Landing Station is locateslocated at 2698-19 Shirako, Minamiboso-shi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The Maruya CLS is the cable landing station for Japan-US CN(J-US), Autralia Japan Cable (AJC), NCPJupiter and ADC submarine cable systems.

The Maruyama Cable Landing Station is one of the most popular place for capacity exchange in Japan. The Maruyama CLS is a carrier neutral cable landing station, running by Softbank, with open colocations for other carriers. It is also quite close to Chikura, Wada and Emi cable landing stations.

Maruyama CLS consists of three buildings. Building A is dedicated for domestic terrestrial systems of Softbank. The terminal equipments for the Japan-US CN are installed in Building B, which serves as carrier neutral colocation as well. The terminals for the AJC and the TPE submarine cable systems are installed in Building C. The station owner of the Maruyama CLS, Softbank, is not a consortium member of the TPE submarine cable system. NTT gets colocation facilities from Softbank as the cable landing station for the TPE cable system, and names it as Shin-Maruyama Cable Landing Station.

Softbank BBIX sets a IX point "BBIX Tokyo 6" at the Building C of Maruyama Cable Landing Station.

Softbank is the landing party in Japan for Jupiter. Softbank and NTT both have their Jupiter cable system terminated at the Marayama CLS. NTT will extend its Jupiter capacity to it new Minamiboso Cable Landing Station.

In December 2019, to expand the Data Center capability of Maruyama CLS, a new building was constructed with the latest security technologies and a robust structure design for disaster preparedness.

Maruyama CLS Campus


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Station Name:

Maruyama Cable Landing Station, or Maruyama CLS


Station Owner:



Available Backhaul Providers:

Softbank, NTT


Cable Systems: