Chikura Cable Landing Station (Chikura CLS) locates at 2980-15, Chikuracho Seto, Minamiboso-shi, Chiba, 295-0004, Japan, nearby the Boso Flower Line. Chikura CLS is about 5 km south to the Maruyama Cable Landing Station. Chikura CLS is now the cable landing station for APCN-2, C2CChina-US CNUnity (EAC Pacific) and SJC submarine cable systems.

The Chikura CLS is owned and operated by KDDI. And KDDI owns its second cable landing station in Chikura, as landing station for FASTER cable. 

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Station Name:

Chikura Cable Landing Station, or Chikura CLS


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Cable Landing Stations in Chikura