Cape D'Aguilar Cable Landing Station is located at the southeast of Hong Kong island. The AAE-1 cable lands at the Cape D'Aguilar CLS. 

The Cape D'Aguilar CLS is the first cable landing station in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong - Taiwan 2 (Hon-Tai 2) landed at the Cape D'Aguilar CLS. The Hon-Tai 2 is a 735 Km submarine cable between Cape D'Aguilar, Hong Kong and Fangshan, Taiwan, with a design capacity of 420 Mbps

The Asia Pacific Cable (APC) landed at the Cape D'Aguilar CLS in 1993. The APC cable system is a 7516 km submarine cable connecting Miura and Miyazaki (Japan), Toucheng (Taiwan), Cape D'Aguilar (Hong Kong), Cherating (Malaysia) and Katong (Singapore), with design capacity of 3x560 Mbps.

In 2007, PCCW Global, as the landing party in Hong Kong for AAE-1, landed AAE-1 at the Cape D'Aguilar CLS and install all the SLTEs of AAE-1 cable system at TMH, Telecom House in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

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Station Name:

  • Cape D'Aguilar Cable Landing Station, or Cape D'Aguilar CLS


Station Owner:

  • HKT/PCCW Global


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • HKT/PCCW Global


Submarine Cable Systems:

  • AAE-1
  • Hon-Tai 2 
  • APC (Asia Pacific Cable), a 7516 km submarine cable between landed at Miura and Miyazaki(Japan), Toucheng (Taiwan), Cape D'Aguilar (Hong Kong), Cherating (Malaysia) and Katong (Singapore), with design capacity of 3x560 Mbps and activated in 1993.