The Mittapheap Cable Landing Station (Mittapheap CLS) is located at Otres Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The Mittapheap CLS is owned and operated by Telcotech, as the cable landing station for the MCT cable system connecting Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. Telcotech is a subsidiary of EZECOM. 

In additional to the MCT cable system, Telcotech is also a member of the AAG consortium.


Mittapheap Cable Landing Station
Mittapheap Cable Landing Station, Source: Telcotech


Station Name:

  • Mittapheap Cable Landing Station, Mittapheap CLS


Station Location:

  • Otres Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Station Owner:

  • Telcotech/EZECOM


Available Backhaul Provider:

  • Telcotech/EZECOM


Submarine Cable System: