TeleYemen is the International Telecommunication Gateway of Republic of Yemen and the international capacities provider of the country. It provides all the required international capacities to the local Internet service providers and mobile communications operators over submarine networks, terrestrial links, or satellite links.

Due to the increasing demand for reliable global connectivity throughout the international market, Teleyemen has invested in new international subsea networks, the “AAE-1” and “SMW5”, connecting East Asia to Europe passing through the Middle East and Africa in addition to the cable “Falcon” that is used to cover local capacity needs in Yemen.

The AAE-1 is connecting Hong-Kong to Marseille via Egypt, and it is the largest submarine cable to be constructed in almost 15 years.  It deploys state-of-the-art 100 Gbps transmission technology (which will be increased to 400 Gbps in the coming upgrade), with a minimum initial design capacity of 40 Tbps. It terminates at two PoPs in Singapore, and it continues further into Asia via diverse terrestrial routes across Thailand connecting Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. This routing enables AAE-1 to have one of the lowest latency as between Hong Kong, India, the Middle-East and Europe.

The SMW5 is also designed with the latest upgradable 100 Gbps technology enabling initial system capacity of 24 Tbps. It provides the lowest latency, further enhancing the diversity and resilience to the heavily loaded Asia to Europe route. The system terminates at carrier neutral POPs in Singapore, Italy & France for cross connecting with other cable systems, interconnecting with other carriers and acquiring services in a competitive environment. 

Teleyemen can meet businesses and enterprises requirements in terms of global connectivity offering a variety of capacity solutions of multiple 100 G links (Ethernet or OTU4) over both the AAE-1 and SMW-5 cable systems including leased capacity services, restoration links, interconnections, and indefeasible rights of use services (IRU).

TeleYemen Submarine Cable Network