Vocus, Australia’s specialist fibre and network solutions provider, announced availability of Australia’s first commercial 400Gbps Wavelength Ethernet product connecting Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Jarrod Nink, Vocus Chief Executive Wholesale and International said the dramatically increased capacity was a game changer for customers.

“We are thrilled to be first to market with 400Gbps Wavelength Ethernet services backed by a transmission solution that delivers almost five times more capacity on the Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne route than the existing system,” Mr Nink said.

“Vocus customers are the innovators in their industries and constantly looking for opportunities to grow their businesses. The scalability of our Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne fibre means Vocus customers can grow their businesses and extend their connectivity without the expense and delays involved with additional fibre cabling.”


Simpler configuration

The introduction of 400Gbps Wavelength services enable higher scalability on customer backhaul capacity by removing or simplifying load balancing across multiple smaller capacity links.

The faster speed on a single port will reduce the cost of cabling requirements at locations such as data centre cross connects. The 400Gbps services will be available at multiple data centres in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

The new technology will be particularly useful for data-centre to data-centre connectivity, where extremely large volumes of data are traversing intercapital links and for customers’ core network transmission, data replication, data storage connectivity and disaster recovery.

Vocus Network


Australian-first upgrade to transmission technology

In an Australian first, the significant speed boost to 400Gbps for customer services is supported by a separate upgrade to the Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne intercapital transmission network, boosting capacity almost five times.

“Vocus is leading the market in implementing the latest advancements in Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology, allowing us to achieve higher capacity from existing Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne fibre-optic infrastructure”, says Steve Haigh, Vocus General Manager Network Engineering.

“Vocus’s new multi Terabit/s Intercapital DWDM system uses two spectrum bands (C-band and L-band), delivering rates up to 800Gbps per wavelength channel depending on distance.”

“Existing long-haul systems in Australia are only using C-band, and by introducing L-band, Vocus has doubled the amount of usable spectrum available to deliver capacity on each of our existing fibre pairs.”

“The most exciting part is that this upgrade to our Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne network is just the beginning.”

“We are already working on bringing 400Gbps services to the Melbourne-Adelaide section of our network early next year and extending this new capacity and performance to more customers in more parts of Australia,” Mr Haigh said.


Continued investment in Australia and beyond

The Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne 400Gbps upgrade is the latest in a series of Vocus investments in fibre as part of a ~$1 billion five-year investment program to support Australian companies’ digital transformation and cloud adoption, increased demand for bandwidth, heightened security requirements, regionalisation, and new technologies, including LEO satellites.

Since June 2021, Vocus has multiplied capacity on our fibre backbone from Darwin to Adelaide, Brisbane and Townsville by a factor of 25, added five times more capacity between Sydney and Melbourne (now supporting 400Gbps) and a significant uplift of capacity on the Australian Singapore Cable.