Submarine networks have demonstrated its importance for global communications, especially global internet which requires huge capacity. On the other hand, the whole submarine networks are still quite vulnerable, though there is increasing enhancement on diversity, redundancy and protection. Submarine cable cut occurs from time to time arround the world. Trawl fishing, vessel anchoring, nature disaster such as earthquake, typhoon and landslide are the main threats to the submarine networks.


The submarine networks are robust enough to cope with a single undersea cable cut or multiple cuts on one single undersea cable, in which case the traffic and service can be almost protected or restored. And the cable repair can be completed within couple of weeks normally.

Multiple cable cuts on multiple undersea cables within the same short period disorder the submarine networks from time to time. And the whole industry, the operators, the investors and the governors need to work together to enhance the diversity, redundancy and resiliency of the submarine networks which are so importance to the global life and business.

Significant Cable Cuts