Telia Carrier announced the launch of a new PoP (Point of Presence) at the Derio de Telxius Communications Hub , located near Bilbao; a communications node with great interconnection capacity. The agreement enhances Telia Carrier's fiber backbone and connectivity for customers seeking access to a completely new and diverse route, from America to Europe, with low latency and high capacity between the two continents.

Derio Communications Hub
Telia Carrier and Telxius expand global connectivity from North America to Europe with Derio Communications Hub in Bilbao


Strategically located in the north of Spain, a few kilometers from the MAREA submarine cable landing station, the Derio Communications Hub offers a unique combination of the functionalities of a mooring station and a complete PoP, the first of its kind in EMEA. It is specially designed to channel all the MAREA capacity and connect it to the main communication nodes in Europe. The Derio Communications Hub is carrier neutral, has an open architecture and offers very high levels of interconnection, as well as IP , Capacity , Colocation and Security services .

"We see this as a very strategic route that complements Telia Carrier's number one global backbone," said Art Kazmierczak, Director of Business and Network Development for Telia Carrier. “By joining our two networks, we are creating a fully integrated carrier-class route that can handle large-scale capacity to drive new activities in the region while supporting customers in international and local markets looking to diversify their network and reduce the latency ”.

Customers in the region can now take advantage of Telia Carrier's leading global backbone, AS1299, as well as local availability of High Speed IP Transit , Cloud Connect , DDoS Mitigation , Ethernet, and Internet Exchange (IX) Connect for operators, providers of content and businesses alike. The new point of presence seamlessly connects to Telia Carrier's terabit-scale DWDM networks spanning Europe and the Americas.

"The combination of Telia Carrier's extensive global network and our Derio Communications Hub is beneficial to the world's largest operators, content providers and companies , " said Enrique Valdés, Sales VP Northern Region, Telxius Cable. “ The Colocation service in Derio opens a world of opportunities for interconnection with the US through MAREA, as well as with the main European hubs. We believe this will benefit customers large and small looking for innovative and flexible solutions that adapt to future demand for data services.

Today, MAREA is one of the largest transatlantic submarine cables in the world. It connects Virginia Beach in the US with Sopelana in northern Spain, providing an alternative route to the main communication nodes in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. With 6,600 kilometers in length and 200 Tbps of capacity, MAREA has revolutionized transatlantic communications, with a very high capacity and low latency, which may continue to evolve at the pace of the most advanced technology.

Telxius' Derio facilities leverage and channel all of MAREA's capacity to connect to key communication nodes in Europe such as Madrid, Paris, London and Marseille, providing customers with unprecedented levels of interconnection. In addition, to maximize Derio's reach, Telxius is finalizing two direct backhaul connections , one to Paris and the other to Madrid, taking advantage of the existing Telxius infrastructure and effectively expanding the advantages of MAREA's subsea route.

With 2,000 m2 and up to 4 MW of power, Derio's facilities are carrier neutral  and have Tier III specifications, which is the most novel and innovative design in submarine cable infrastructures. Derio offers a unique combination of the functionalities of a docking station (CLS) with advanced transmission capabilities and a complete international PoP. In addition, it was designed using environmentally friendly standards and runs on 100% renewable energy with natural cooling.

Telia Carrier connectivity serves as the foundation and support for a fully digitized society, providing the building blocks for digital enablement, transformation and innovation. With over 67,000 km of fiber, Telia Carrier is the leading global Internet backbone provider, connecting more than 300 PoPs in 35 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Source: Telxius