New Delhi - August 7th, 2012 – Reliance Globalcom, a leading global provider of connectivity, hosting and managed services for multinational enterprises and carriers, today announced availability of 10G LAN PHY, a dedicated Ethernet point-to-point service, as a standard service offering across all the major destinations on its global network.


The recent upgrades across various segments of its global network have enabled Reliance Globalcom to provide more cost effective 10 Gig Ethernet based solutions with improved manageability. 10G LAN PHY services are now available across 19 global cities on Reliance Globalcom’s FA-1, FNAL, Falcon, FEA and Hawk cable systems that will enable its wholesale customers to interconnect their Internet routers with less expensive 10G Ethernet / LAN PHY interfaces, instead of utilising the legacy STM64/OC192 interfaces, thereby reducing the costs on Internet services. 10G LAN PHY service uses ITU-T G.709 standard and operates at a line rate of 10.31 Gbps against 9.95 Gbps on a standard 10G, thereby also offering a higher user data speed. The new capability enables its customers to upgrade from their existing Gigabit services to 10G speeds without forklift upgrades on their equipment.

“We have successfully upgraded our global network and built capability to support 10G LAN PHY services across our network, which offer a significantly lower cost alternative to our customers compared to the legacy SDH/SONET based 10G interfaces”,said Punit Garg, President & CEO, Reliance Globalcom. “It enables our customers to utilise the new generation multi-Terabit Ethernet routers which are 85 to 90% cheaper compared to traditional TDM based routers with comparable capacities, and leverage upon the cost-effective and familiar Ethernet technology to build and grow large IP backbones and Internet content or storage networks”, he further added.

Source: Rliance Globalcom