Huawei Marine today announced the launch of their new Automatic Digital Injection Moulding System (ADIMS).

Huawei Marine’s broad commitment to innovation builds further on the successes of the second-generation titanium repeater technology, as ADIMS brings creative thinking and new technology into the wet plant and cable integration domain. ADIMS’ customized design comprises a modular, compact, fully integrated and portable moulding system, that is designed to be fully flexible across Huawei Marine’s product portfolio and beyond.

The adoption of a pioneering modular heat/cool bolster with interchangeable mould cavity inserts and independently adjustable extruder positioning allows the ADIMS system to be fully configurable for any cable or wet plant moulding activity.

The adaptability and flexibility of the tool is further enhanced by the availability of multiple channels of heat control, allowing the heat/cool profile of the tool to be accurately defined to ensure repeatability of any moulding application. Using the ADIMS ingenious independent twin extruder technology it is also possible to conduct re-instatement mouldings using different injectate material simultaneously at either end of the moulding cavity should the need arise. This unique design has been possibly with Huawei Marine’s partnership with twin screw extruding specialists, Xtrutech Ltd of the United Kingdom.

“The launch of new ADIMS moulding technology is testament to our dedication and focus on bringing industry-leading innovation to the submarine cable market said Mike Constable, Chief Executive, Huawei Marine. “Our desire for continuous improvement in quality, through advances in technology, products and services is unrivalled as is our steadfast commitment to pass on cost and time efficiencies to our rapidly expanding customer base”

Source: Huawei Marine