[Tian Jin, China, April11th. 2013]:  Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine) announces first profitable year.

Although a relatively new supplier with large investment plans in the early years, Huawei Marine achieved breakeven at the end of 2012 after only four years of operation, passing a huge internal milestone and priding ourselves in successfully offering competitive solutions to our Customers.


Huawei Marine was formed in late 2008 as a Joint Venture between Global Marine Systems Limited and Huawei Tech Invest HKGwith the specific intent to develop a series of high-quality products for the submarine optical market and build a capability in delivering turn-key submarine cable systems.

Since inception, Huawei Marine has production engineered a unique and ground-breaking two fibre pair repeater housed in an extended Universal JointTM casing and deployed it in the SGSCS system in South America, during 2009.  This continues to operate successfully and several extended-distance variants of this original R1 repeater are now available

Then Huawei Marine began development of the first ever Titanium-cased six fibre pair repeater, with an innovative narrow design to improve burial confidence using standard ploughs. This concluded last quarter and was formally launched for commercial availability at PTC this year. Other UJTM compatible devices, including several Branching Unit variants, provide a complete family of products for long-haul optical submarine cable systems.

Besides thiscontinuous investment in R&D, HMN alsodeveloped world-leading manufacturing and integration capabilitiesinvolvinginvestment in a 1,600m2  clean room for repeater and BU production in Dongguan, China.  Currently the repeater production capability is 20pcs per month, with a ceiling of four times this, and the integration assembly and testing containers support 10pcs per month in each of our portable containerized assets.  This allows for flexibility in system integration,on a truly global scale.

Huawei Marine has been able to combine all of the complex, discrete and inter-related elements of turn-key delivery, some outsourced and many not performed in the country of delivery, to create a seamlessly flowing program of events culminating in the final acceptance of a fully tested and working system.

Couplingthese with an ever-searching desire to improve on each and every activity, and a customer-centric communications approach, HMN has successfully and steadily delivered numerous upgrades using its state of the art SLTE, and supplied more than 10 turnkey submarine cables throughout the world. According to Submarine Telecoms Industry Report 2012, Huawei Marine ranks fourth in market share for supply of new systems.


About Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd.

Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited (Huawei Marine) is a joint venture established by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Global Marine Systems Limited. Based on the advantages of the two parent companies, Huawei Marine integrates the state-of-the-art technologies in telecommunications and the experiences of marine operation near 100 years, committing itself to the construction of global submarine cable communication networks. Huawei Marine provides highly reliable, cost-effective solutions and end-to-end services including project management, installation, and technical support for submarine cable system operators.

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit www.huaweimarine.com