Huawei and PT.LEN Telekomunikasi Indonesia (LTI) today announced an agreement to design and construct a portion of the Palapa Ring project in Indonesia. The Palapa Ring is a broadband network project that is led by Indonesian government for the purpose of increasing broadband penetration in the more remote areas in Indonesia. It consists of three separate sections; dubbed the West, Middle and East packages.

PT.LEN Telekomunikasi Indonesia signed an agreement with Kominfo and IIGF for the development and construction of the Middle package. Huawei and Huawei Marine are contracted to construct the Middle package recently.

The Middle package of Palapa Ring project will connect Kalimantan, Sulawesi and North Maluku by a submarine cable system supplied by Huawei Marine, who will lay 1,600km of submarine fiber-optic cable in several segments to connect multiple locations. The system is equipped with Huawei’s unified WDM/OTN backbone equipment OSN 8800 with a design capacity of 960Gb/s.

“Some areas of Indonesia still have limited availability of broadband services, or enjoy these services at very high costs. By implementing this phase of the Palapa Ring project, we will significantly expand coverage of our networks in these areas and provide local people high-quality services at affordable prices, “said R.W.Pantja Gelora, President Director of LTI.

“We are pleased to start working with our partner LTI to deliver state-of-the-art infrastructure that will greatly enhance broadband connectivity and the end-user experience. This will be the third domestic submarine cables we provide to Indonesia since the MKCS and Bali Cable,” said Ma Yanfeng, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Huawei Marine, “Submarine cables constitute the primary communications infrastructure for an archipelagic country like Indonesia as well as the arteries for regions and the whole continents. Huawei Marine hopes to be a reliable partner to improve global connections continuously. ”

Source: Huawei Marine