Hibernia Networks announced the expansion of its global network platform to deliver the lowest latency connectivity from Chicago to Moscow, Russia and Mumbai, India, two vital financial hubs. In addition to these new routes, improved latency performance to Dubai, UAE is now offered directly to the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, strengthening Hibernia Networks’ low latency service for this emerging center of financial markets activity in the Middle East.

The roundtrip latency (RTD) performance for the three routes is as follows:

  • CME – M1 Moscow 105.40ms
  • CME – BKC Mumbai 176.95ms
  • CME – DGCX Dubai 172.85ms

“Hibernia Networks is a critical enabler of the global financial ecosystem, reinforced by the expansion of our low latency footprint into the key markets of Moscow, Mumbai, and Dubai,” states Omar Altaji, Chief Commercial Officer of Hibernia Networks.

“These cities and the regions they’re part of are poised for substantial growth in financial trading activity, driven by the expansion of electronic trading in equities, futures and options. Customers are now able to execute financial transactions and efficiently access vital market information in real time utilizing our ultra low latency routes into Moscow, Mumbai, and Dubai, resulting in enhanced profitability, as well as improved performance across this ecosystem.”

Hibernia Networks’ fiber optic network connects major financial exchanges and hubs across the globe with secure, low latency connectivity solutions required by financial firms to remain competitive.

These new routes leverage the lowest latency transatlantic connectivity via Hibernia Express, the state-of-the-art transatlantic cable system optimized for latency performance.

Source: Hibernia Networks