Colt Private Wave

Colt Technology Services announced on Thursday the expansion of its portfolio in Asia, with the launch of Colt Private Wave in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Colt Private Wave is explicitly designed for businesses that require private optical solutions to ensure high security, high performance and resilient connectivity. It is designed to meet the most demanding customer needs, supporting multiple optical services or service types up to 100Gbps.

Customer-dedicated equipment and metro fibre infrastructure

Colt Private Wave is delivered over a WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) platform and provides the highest level of protection and operational control based on a customer-dedicated infrastructure that meets the most demanding of connectivity requirements. Businesses now more than ever are dealing with large volumes of sensitive information, this leads to risks such as data breaches - both accidental and malicious - which have grown in frequency and severity. 

Colt Private Wave maximises security and offers the potential for equipment to be installed in customer's own facilities. This puts customer firmly in control via a fully managed solution with operational separation from other customers, supported by a suite of professional services.

Fully managed private optical network service

Colt acts a single point of responsibility and can ensure necessary levels of separation by using Colt's own network throughout. This allows customer's own IT professionals time to focus on the application layer services that help drive customer's business. Colt design, implement, manage and maintain the service, thus ensuring that customers don’t need to invest its own resources in specialist skills or hardware.

Optical encryption

Providing a flexible, reliable managed service, Colt Private Wave also has optical encryption as a feature, meaning that the network and all its traffic can be encrypted regardless of the type or source. Enabling customers to manage business risk while meeting the challenges associated with the environment of today. 

Due to regulations such as GDPR in Europe and also FISC's (Financial Industry Information Systems) Security Guidelines in Japan, organisations now have extremely stringent guidelines surrounding how they must store and manage customers' information. Colt has invested in providing secure networks by embedding security into the fabric of the Colt IQ Network. The extension of Colt Private Wave in Asia will allow companies to continue to focus on what drives growth for their business, safe in the knowledge that the technological backbone of their organisation is secure.

Encryption is available for standard optical interfaces and coverage options supported by the Colt Wave and Colt Private Wave products, such as 10GBASE LAN-PHY and 100Gbps LR4.


Colt Private Wave complements the Colt IQ Network, which in Asia comprises of 95 data centres and 6,800 on net buildings. Globally, the Colt IQ Network is made up of more than 850 data centres and over 27,500 enterprise buildings.

Source: Colt