As mentioned in an early ariticle, the cable repair after the Japan earthquake may take longer, and the industry is nervse about any additional cable cuts.

Unfortunately, there were multiple cable cuts reported in Asia region, TPE, EAC and C2C were affected.


TPE cable cut was found in its segment S1 between Qingdao and Chong cable landing stations. There was another cable cut in segment S4 of the TPE cable system between Chongming and Tanshui cable landing stations.  Fortunately, TPE Chongming cable landing station is still alive, is not isolated though there are two cable cuts, each at its eastward and westward cables.

PACNET reported cable cut on April 14 in Segment F of the EAC cable network, near Taean cable lalnding station. Cable cuts in Segment C and Segment D of the EAC cable network have been sucessfully repaired earlier. But the repair of cable cuts in Segements K & L of the EAC cable network after the Japan Earthquake are still underway.

PACNET also reported cable fualt on April 17 in Segment 3B of the C2C cable network, near Nanhui cable landing station.

On the other hand, there are good news from Pacific Crossing, Cable ship CS Lodbrog arrived at the fault point April 17 at 12:30 UTC, PC-1 North cable repair work started in a bad weather. PC-1 North cable repair is expected to be completed by the end of April.  Upon completion, CS Lodbrog will begin assisting with the PC-1 West repairs. Another cable ship, Wave Venture, has been mobilized for PC-1 Worth cable repairs which are currently expected to be completed by late May.