LONDON – July 27, 2016 – BSO, the global Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider, announces it has engineered the fastest available trading routes between CME and key financial hubs in Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai. As a well-established market leader in connectivity between established and emerging markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, BSO is extending its premium ultra-low latency services across the Atlantic.

The new Chicago routes feature the following market-leading ultra low latencies and are bidirectional:

  • CME Aurora <> MOEX M1, Moscow – 105.40 ms RTD
  • CME Aurora <> DGCX, Dubai          – 180.95 ms RTD
  • CME Aurora <> BKC, Mumbai         – 176.95 ms RTD

The centre of the derivatives market, the optimisation of CME market access from Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai will immediately benefit the company’s finance customers. This is the first of a series of upcoming announcements about BSO’s ongoing effort to invest in its US backbone with an emphasis on lowering latencies and establishing new points of presence (PoPs) on the world’s busiest financial trading routes. 

“Our mission is to lead through innovation, and by engineering the fastest connections from Chicago to the East demonstrates our capability to deliver the very best to our clients. Investment in these key financial trading routes into the Chicago market shows how BSO is extending its market-leading expertise in ultra low-latency connectivity across Europe, the Middle East and Asia over to the American markets,” says Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO. “BSO is a global leader in long-haul network services and Chicago is the first of many upcoming announcements as we aspire to become a major player in the US market.”

Source: BSO