BB Backbone Corp. (“BBB”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. and MC Digital Realty, Inc. (“MCDR”), which develops data centers, colocation, and interconnection services in Japan have agreed to collaborate to provide optical spectrum grid based connectivity services. This enables terabit-class data center interconnection (DCI) services between the MCDR NRT10 data center (located in the Inzai area of Chiba Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as NRT10) and major data centers in Tokyo.

As the first dark fiber wholesaler in Japan, BBB aims not only to provide dark fiber solutions throughout Japan, but also invest in over 100Gbps connectivity services to support increasing internet and DCI traffic needs. BBB Spectrum Service will provide Japan’s first cost-effective Optical Spectrum Grid Leased Line.

Inzai is located more than 35km away from central Tokyo, connectivity services such as dark fiber and private leased lines services result in high cost and long installation time. BBB Spectrum Service can provide terabit-class DCI service between the central Tokyo area and Inzai with less than half the cost of dark fiber connectivity.

BBB focuses on improving the convenience of DCI by offering its Spectrum Service1, which interconnects major data centers across Otemachi, Shinagawa, and Toyosu in Tokyo. BBB Spectrum Service meets the diverse connectivity needs of domestic and overseas customers with significantly lower cost than dark fiber or private leased line.

BBB will support 400Gbps/ 800Gbps access to facilitate customer requirements for ultra-high-bandwidth connectivity and the growth of their digital platforms.

By using new transmission technology of WDM OOLS, BBB Spectrum Service can provide both a spectrum grid of 50GHz, 75GHz, and/or 100GHz and a 100Gbps+ access as private leased lines for high bandwidth requirements to fulfill the development of, expansion of the network backbone.

BBB Spectrum Service area map
BBB Spectrum Service area map


MC Digital Realty is a 50/50 joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty, formed in 2017. MCDR provides clients in Japan a secure, globally connected and efficient platform to host their digital assets, combining Mitsubishi Corporation's local enterprise expertise with Digital Realty's global data center leadership and operational excellence.

MCDR has been providing large-scale data centers (scale DC) for major cloud service providers, IT companies, and content providers, as well as small- and medium-scale data centers (colocation services) for enterprise customers in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai region.

MCDR offers PlatformDIGITAL, a first of its kind global data centre platform for scaling digital businesses, offering customers an ideal meeting point for deploying network hubs.

Through this collaboration, BBB Spectrum Service is now available for customers who seek a bandwidth intensive environment using MCDR NRT10 as a data center hub in the Inzai area. We will continue to further strengthen PlatformDIGITAL to enable customers with a leading edge digital infrastructure environment that meets their modern day needs

The collaboration between BBB and MCDR will provide customers with access to seamless, cost-efficient point-to-point connectivity between facilities within the same metro area. BBB Spectrum Service is now available in NRT10.