TGN-Pacific Submarine Cable System Overview

TGN-Pacific (Tyco Global Network, or Tata TGN-Pacific) was initially builded, designed and operated wholly by Tyco Telecommunications, completed in December 2002. TGN forms a self-healing ring connecting the U.S. to Japan. On May 3, 2005, Tata Communications(formerly VSNL) announced the acquisition of TGN for $130 million,or Rs 585 crore, in a cash deal.


System Profile

Cable System:

  • TGN, Tyco Global Network, Tata TGN-Pacific

Cable Length:

  • 22,800 Km

Design Capacity:

  • 7.68 Tbps over north route between Emi and Hillsboro
  • 7.68 Tbps over south route between Toyohashi and Hillsboro
  • Designed with 96x10 Gbps DWDM over 8 fiber pairs in both routes
  • 40 Gbps transmission over TGN demontration successed

Lit Capacity:

  • 1.6 Tbps (as of 2010)

Ready for Service Date:

  • December, 2002

Investment Type:

  • Private


  • Tata Communications (formerly VSNL, Tyco Telecommunications)

Initial Investment:

  • US$ 1.7 billion

Landing Stations:

TGN-Pacific Cable Map:

TGN-Pacific Cable Map

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1Wednesday, 10 September 2014 09:20
Please can you update the current status as on date about the LIT status
2Tuesday, 09 May 2017 20:58
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