TIS Cable Network Overview

The TIS Cable Network (Thailand - Indonesia - Singapore Cable Network ) is a 1100-km regional submarine network linking Songkhla (Thailand), Batam (Indonesia) and Changi (Singapore). The TIS cable network was ready for service on December 2, 2003, with an lit capacity of 30 Gbps and upgradeable up to 320Gbit/s.


Cable System:

  • Thailand - Indonesia - Singapore Cable Network , or TIS Cable Network

Cable Length:

  • 1100 Km

Design Capacity:

  • 320 Gbps

Lit Capacity:

  • 30 Gbps (as of RFSD in December 2003)

Ready for Service Date:

  • December 2, 2003

Investment Type:

  • Consortium


  • SingTel
  • Telin
  • CAT

Initial Investment:

  • US$ 36 million

Landing Stations:


  • NEC

TIS Cable Route:

TIS Cable Route

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