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The Eurasia Terrestrial Cable Network is an important part of the global telecom infrastructure, consists of various terrestrial cable systems such as TEA, TEA-2, TEA-3, ERA, ERMC, EKA, CR2, etc, with the efforts and cooperation from carriers in China, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and other Asian and European countries, the Eurasia Terrestrial Cable Network has been stable enough to offer bandwidth up to 10G or 10GE with SLA guaranteed. 


  • TEA-2

    The TEA-2 terrestrial cable system is an upgraded cable system of the TEA, connecting major cities in Europe and Hong Kong, Beijing, etc, via RosTelecom's state-of-the-air terrestrial cable system across Siberia and backbones of either China Unicom or China Telecom, offering customer bandwidth up to STM-64 or 10GE.

    The TEA-2 cable system forms an affordable and stable Eurasia broadband internet infrastructure.

  • ERA

    The Euro-Russia-Asia (ERA) terrestrial cable system offers the most competitive Eurasia terrestrial cable solution, in views of stability, latency and pricing.

  • ERMC

    Euro-Russia-Mongolia-Chna (ERMC)