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Tasman Global Access (TGA) is submarine cable system designed to significantly improve New Zealand’s international telecoms connectivity and to strengthen the country’s links with Asian markets. The TGA cable spans 2,300km, linking Raglan in New Zealand and Narrabeen in Australia. The TGA cable system will have a design capacity of at least 20Tbps, deploying 100G technology. 

The TGA consortium includes Spark New Zealand (formerly Telecom New Zealand), Vodafone and Telstra which will jointly invest less than $60 million and expect to be ready for service in early 2015.


Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable Tendered

New Zealand Telecom, Telstra and Vodafone have issued a tender for the construction of the Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable that spans 2300 km connecting Auckland and Sydney. The three company launched and signed an MOU for the construction of the TGA Cable in February, 2013.  


Tasman Global Access Consortium Awards Contract to Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent has signed a contract with a consortium composed of Spark New Zealand, Telstra and Vodafone to deploy the Tasman Global Access (TGA) undersea cable system that will connect New Zealand to Australia on a direct 2,300 km link.


Tasman Global Access Cable Goes Live

Spark, Vodafone and Telstra announced on Thursday that the Tasman Global Access (TGA) cable is officially in service and ready to carry vast quantities of Internet traffic between New Zealand and the world.