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The TEA (Transit Europe-Asia) is a terrestrial cable network between Europe and Asia via the territory of Russia, with its Russian segment running over Rostelecom's DWDM network. The Asian segment of the TEA terrestrial cable network may run over:

  • the territory of China via cross border interconnections between Rostelecom and its Chinese partners (China Telecom and China Unicom; or 
  • the territory of Japan via the Russia-Japan Submarine Cable Network (RJCN) constructed by Rostelecom and KDDI; or
  • terrestrial cable between Russia and Kazakhstan reaching Central Asia countries.

The TEA terrestrial cable network enables a short latency and stable solution for traffic transiting Europe and Asia.

The TEA terrestrial cable network is a meaningful alternative to the mainly US centric trans-Pacific cable systems in connecting internet networks between Europe and Asia. 

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