SEA-ME-WE 5 vs AAE-1

SEA-ME-WE 5 and AAE-1 are submarine cables of similar significant, connecting Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Western Europe. Both consortia have teamed up the leading operators along the cable routes, with some common members seating in both SMW5 and AAE-1 consortia, while some others are competitors in the landing countries.

First, have a look at the cable maps of SEA-ME-WE 5 and AAE-1.

AAE-1 Cable Design


SMW5 Cable Route


 And the landing points and consortium members of SEA-ME-WE 5 and AAE-1 are listed belows:

                          SEA-ME-WE 5                                    AAE-1 
Cable Length        
  20,000 km   25,000 km  
Landing Points(18)   Consortium Members(18)   Landing Points(20)   Consortium Members(18)
Non-landing Parties        
  China Telecom      
  China Unicom     China Unicom
  China Mobile      
      Hong Kong (Cape D'Aguilar) PCCW Global 
      Vietnam(Vung Tau) Viettel, VNPT
      Combodia Metfone
Landing Partyies        
Singpapore (Tuas) Singtel   Singpapore (Equinix SG1, Global Switch)  Global Transit
Indonesia (Medan) Telin      
Malaysia (Melaka) Telecom Malaysia   Malaysia (Penang) Global Transit (
Thailand (Satun) TOT   Thailand(Satun, Songkhla) TOT
Myanmar (Ngwe Suang) MPT    Myanmar (Ngwe Suang)  China Unicom
Bangladesh (Kuataka) BSCCL       
Sri Lanka (Matara) Sri Lanka Telecom       
India (Mumbai)     India (Mumbai) Reliance Jio
Pakistan (Karachi)  TWA   Pakistan (Karachi) PTCL
Oman (Muscat) Ooredoo   Oman (Barka) Omantel
UAE (Fujairah) Du   UAE (Fujairah)  Etisalat
      Qatar (Doha) Ooredoo
Yemen (Hodeidah) Telecom Yemen   Yemen (Aden) Telecom Yemen
Djibouti (Djibout) Djibouti Telecom   Djibouti (Djibouti) Djibouti Telecom
Saudi Arabia (Yanbu) Saudi Telecom   Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) Mobily
Egypt(Abu Talat, Zafarana) Telecom Egypt   Egypt(Abu Talat, Zafarana) Telecom Egypt
      Greece (Chania) OTEGLOBE
Turkey (Mamaris) Turk Telekom      
Italy (Catania) Telecom Italia Sparkle   Italy (Bari) Retelit
France (Tolon) Orange   France (La Coitat)  Omantel 
Comments (3)
1Tuesday, 28 July 2015 08:29
your always missing Djibouti station From SMWE5. It is not fair and you do it in all your comments.
Best regards
Sunday, 02 August 2015 11:01
Hello Aboubaker, Thank you for the comment, and it has been updated.
2Sunday, 02 August 2015 11:04
Updated on August 2, 2015, added landing stations and new parties for both SMW5 and AAE-1.
3Saturday, 24 September 2016 13:02
Dear Sir

How much ping will we be getting if we connect form Pakistan (Karachi) to India (Mumbai)?


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