AAE-1 Cable Landed in Myanmar

According to information from China Unicom, AAE-1 cable landed in Myanmar on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. China Unicom is the Landing Party in Myanmar for AAE-1 cable. China Unicom is building a new cable landing station in Ngwe Saung, Myanmar.

 AAE-1 Cable Landed in Myanmar

Before the landing of AAE-1 in Ngwe Suang, Myanmar, China Unicom finished the China-Myanmar International (CMI) terrestrial cable project in 2014. The CMI cable is going to seamlessly interconnect with AAE-1 cable at Ngwe Suang cable landing station.

SMW5 is going to land at Ngwe Suang cable landing station as well, MPT is its landing party in Myanmar.

China Unicom is also a member in SMW5 consortium and is one of the few carriers invested in both AAE-1 and SMW5.

Leveraging its advantages on capability to deliver capacity on both SMW5 and AAE-1, connecting SWM5 and AAE-1 with CMI and onward to Hong Kong, and its multiple Eurasia terrestrial cable routes, China Unicom offers a robust solution for capacity in Eurasia market, covering Singapore to Europe, and Hong Kong to Europe.

 China Unicom Offers Robust Eurasia Capacity Solutions

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