PNG National Cable Network Enables New Route to Sydney, Australia

Huawei Marine announced on Tuesday that it will help Papua New Guinea to build national submarine cable network to meet the increasing demand for internet connectivity and foster social and economic development across the country. The PNG National Submarine Fibre Cable Network will connects 14 main cities in Papua New Guinea, with international connectivity by a link to Jayapura in Indonesia, and interconnection with PPC-1 at Madang cable landing station, onward to Guam and Sydney, Australia. The PNG National Submarine Cable Network will enable a new cable route connecting Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia.


PNG National Submarine Fibre Cable Network

Source of picture: Huawei Marine

Located in the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea is an island nation with numerous mountains and volcanoes, where domestic telecommunications largely relies on satellite and microwave communications. Huawei Marine and PNG DataCo Limited, a Telecommunications Carrier established by the PNG Government, will construct a National submarine cable network to provide the backbone telecommunications needed by major coastal centers and islands in Papua New Guinea.

At 5, 457km in length, the submarine cable network will provide domestic connectivity across 14 main population center’s cities and international connectivity by a link to Jayapura in Indonesia.

The design capacity of the system is 8Tbps, which will cater for increased bandwidth demand over the next 10-15 years. When completed, the network will cover 55% of the population and will provide more than 70% of Papua New Guinea’s domestic bandwidth requirements.

With the link Jayapura in Indonesia, the PNG National Submarine Fibre Cable Network can connect with Indonesia backbone and westward to Singapore. 

Through the cable landing station at Madang, the PNG National Submarine Fibre Cable Network can interconnect with the PIPE Pacific Cable-1 (PPC-1), northward to Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, and southward to Sydney, Australia.


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