Oxford Falls Cable Landing Station

The Oxford Falls Cable Landing Station (Oxford Falls CLS) is one of the cable landing stations in Sydney for the AJC network which lands at the Narrabeen Beach. The Oxford CLS is quite near the satellite facilities.

The AJC network also lands at the Paddington cable landing station in Sothern Sydney. And there are 2 diverse fibre routes connecting the Oxford Fall CLS and Paddington CLS.



Station Name:

  • Oxford Falls Cable Landing Station, or Oxford Falls CLS


Station Owner:

  • Telstra (Australia Japan Cable Limited)


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • Telstra, Australia Japan Cable Limited


Cable Systems:

Comments (1)
1Saturday, 01 October 2016 16:59
Hi Telestra

I want to beam earth art data to the exoplanets via Oxford Falls earth station.

In the northern hemisphere I do the same with Telenor a $15bn telecomms operator. Telestra is $20bn.

Who is the earth to space co-ordinator at Telestra - missing the satellites and reaching to the space co-ordinates.

Tau ceti f

RA 6 01.44.05
DE - 15.56.15

Jon Pettigrew
Founder. Cosmos*Art*Data
Curator. Planet3/earth

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