Busan Cable Landing Station

Busan Cable Landing Station (Busan CLS) is located at Songjeong-Dong, Haeundae-Ku, Busan, Korea. The Busan CLS is the most crowded cable landing station in Korea. APCN, APCN-2, FNAL/RNAL, KJCN, FLAG FEA, R-J-K, China-US CN and TPC-5 submarine cables land at the Busan CLS. And recently, APG and NCP are confirmed to land in the Busan CLS.

The C2C network land at another cable landing station in Busan.


Station Name:

  • Busan Cable Landing Station, or Busan CLS


Station Owner:

  • KT


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • KT


Submarine Cable Systems:

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