Chikura Cable Landing Station

Chikura Cable Landing Station (Chikura CLS) locates at Chikura City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, nearby the Boso Flower Line. Chikura CLS is about 5 km south to the Maruyama Cable Landing Station. Chikura CLS is now the cable landing station for APCN-2, C2CChina-US CN and Unity (EAC Pacific) submarine cable systems.



Station Name:

Chikura Cable Landing Station, or Chikura CLS


Station Owner:



Available Backhaul Providers:



Cable Systems:

Comments (1)
1Saturday, 07 May 2016 05:52
Will KDDI soon update its website to also indicate F.A.S.T. Google US-Japan cable terminating
at Chikura etc.

J Condon
Thursday, 21 July 2016 01:57
The location of FASTER CLS at Chikura is slightly different from the current one with UNITY, SJC, etc.

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