Cheers for A 20000-member Group

Today, the first working day in 2014, it is a wonderful day. The professional Linkedin group on submarine cable industry, 01 The Submarine Cable Systems group, reached 20,000 members, the default maximum size of a given Linkedin Group. Cheer, we all contribute to the 20000-member group, 01 The Submarine Cable Systems group, the best social networking for professionals in submarine cable industry worldwide. 

It is my honor to participate in the management of 01 The Submarine Cable Systems group, and it was amazing approving the 20000th member today.

I recorded here the historical achievement for 01 The Submarine Cable Systems group.

There was 19998 members when I visited 01 The Submarine Cable Systems group this afternoon and found there were about 10 Requests to Join.

19998 Members

I approved one and understood we were gathering a 20,000-member group. I reviewed the list, the remaining earliest one was requested on January 1, 2014. Fantastically, we made a 20000-member group.

20000 members

When I tried to approve more, it said we had reached the maximum size. Cheer!

20000 members maximum size

The 20000th member of 01 The Submarine Cable Systems group goes to Mr. Russell Staley who requested on January 01 2014.

the 20000th member

Russell Staley

Welcome Russell, you made us a 20000-member group.

Thanks a lot to Daniel Galiana who created the Linkedin group, 01 The Submarine Cable Systems group.

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