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China-US IRU Price Down

In a recent bid in Jan 2011 for IRU and Managed Hosting services, 10G IRU price for 15-year term over China-US submarine cable route went down to US$ 2.0 million.


40G Era Comes into Submarine Cable Systems

SubCom (formerly Tyco Telecom) announced on 14 January 2011 that it has been contracted to provide the first 40G upgrade in a trans-Pacific submarine cable system more than 9,500km in length. The use of SubCom’s next-generation G4 SLTE enables the increase of cross sectional capacity by 100% to 1.92Tbps per fiber pair, a new record for trans-Pacific distance.


Taiwan Strait Express (TSE-1) Communication Cable Under Way

China Unicom Chairman, Mr. CHANG Xiaobing, visited Taiwan and signed on January 13, 2010 the Construction and Maintenance Agreement for Taiwan Strait Express-1 (TSE-1), for the construction of the first communication system directly linking Taiwan and Mainland China.