Request for quote for conducting DTS of

Request for quote for conducting DTS of Chennai to Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India Dear Sir, Date 23.06.2014 Neeru Consultant is free lanes company recently formed in India for working Submarine cable systems. The owner Mr Praveen Saxena has done lot of work on submarine cable system, he has done complete quality control of Flag Telecom’s Falcon Project (a project of 12000 km long submarine cable system). This involved the creation of quality control documents, test procedures and standards, conducted FAT (Factor Inspection Testing) of 12000km of all type of submarine cables, 40 SLTE (DWDM Equipments), 26 PFE (Power Feeding Equipments), 16 SEQ (Equalizers), 16 BU (Branching Units), and all other items required for construction of the cable system. He also did the DTS, cable repair, testing of complete landing station. Mr Praveen Saxena was also advisor to ANIIDCO (a fully owned Government of India development organisation) on submarine cable project of 700km length. Neeru consultant has done traffic study report and feasibility reports of 2 projects in India. Now we are participating in a tender for conducting DTS (Desk Top Study report) cum project report, due on 02.07.2014. Would you like to join hands with us in conducting DTS, rest of the activity we can do by our self. Please comeback as realy as possible as the time left is very small. If agreed please forward your quote and payment terms. Regards Praveen Saxena B513, Om Enclave Ananatpura, Kota, Rajasthan, India 324005 Tel No +017442490913 Mobile no +919323614824, +919461334824
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