Dear Communications Colleague, In the S

Dear Communications Colleague, In the September 2011 issue of Submarine Telecoms Forum my novel “Pacific Wiretap” received a very favorable review by its editor Kevin Summers. Since then, in the era of Corporate Cybercrime, Political Wiretaps, and Global Surveillance, the book has taken on some relevance, as multi-referenced in The Undersea Network by Nicole Starosielski, NYU professor . With only the characters being fictional, the book embraces many aspects of today’s global IT and telecom security concerns, and industry specialists are challenged by the plot (no worries, the Good Guys win). If you and your staff haven’t yet had a chance to give it a read, you may want to try it now. It’s currently available on Amazon. Take a peek: Read, learn, have fun! Cheers, Patrick Downey AT&T retiree Submarine Cable Division Asia-Pacific region

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